Light Sprites™ Experience

Visualizing an interactive 3D environment of Beaudry Interactive’s latest immersive lighting experience.


Mitch Mastroni


Unity Design and Development Intern


Unity, C# and Photoshop

Spatial design #1:

Appalachian Mountains
Spatial design #2:

Paso Robles, CA


How can we move away from 2D images and illustrate the immersive and interactive vision of the experience?

We were asked to showcase the ideal spatial design in both Paso Robles and Appalachian Mountain settings with a network connection to Max MSP, interactive triggers through user-controlled models, and looping camera angles with pause functionality.


sales opportunities from IAAPA

The promotion of the physical design and immersive experience of b/i’s latest interactive product at the 2022 IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) conference in Orlando, FL.

In addition, b/i designers can now prototype various lighting behaviors and scenarios according to client specifications.


I completed a spatial test for visualizing the ideal spacing between each light sprite unit, then I designed two 3D environments in accordance to the desired spacing and desired environmental settings. I developed C# scripts for the camera animations with pause functionality and interactivity through model movement in specific trigger areas. In collaboration with the Lead Developer, I established a network connection via UDP between Unity and Max for the physical light sprite units and the virtual ones in Unity to display the same lighting pattern in real-time.

Final review of button interactions for live demonstrations at the IAAPA conference
Light Sprites™ density test
Use of Unity's Terrain Editor to create the two topographies: Paso Robles and Appalachia


The Light Sprites™ experience re-creates guest’s childlike wonder by transforming any indoor or outdoor space into a magical array of interactive lights. The lighting experience is designed to emulate numerous imaginative environments and behaviors, including fireflies, fireworks, magic fairy dust, or way-finding based on guest’s actions and behaviors.​