Hi, I'm Blake Shae, a multidisciplinary creative with a knack for complex systems, a growth mindset, and an enthusiasm for technology.

My disposition towards technology is that the best way to understand a complex system is to break it and figure out how to put it back together.

As a child I was always assembling and disassembling the family's newest technological system and considering its spatial experience. Later, that inclination towards systems led me to design, build and maintain an aquatic ecosystem of many animals and invertebrates. I loved spending hours researching online and integrating the numerous systems in order to grow and sustain a spectacular array of the most beautiful organisms in the world. That 6-year endeavor instilled in me a deep sense of empathy for living communities and an awareness in shaping the necessary conditions that encourage life. In my early adulthood, that curiosity led me to a career as a technical consultant in the technology industry, and after 8 years of advocating on behalf of other's products, I craved to create and advocate for my own unique technical approach and design sensibility. Married with my natural curiosity and empathetic orientation, I'm energized to create new solutions, meanings and interpretations in our complex world.

This is my why, and I cannot wait to share with you my how.

Now, as a designer, researcher and technologist, I carry my lifelong passions and proclivities to build beautiful, immersive, and technological systems.



Coffee Shop Scooter

What if machine vision enriched communities and supported heterogeneity?


 What if bodily attunement was could build stronger communities and relationships?  

Jibber Jabber

What if collective identity and perspective existed in a single intelligent agent?

Walking in L.A.

What if immersive mapping technology fostered exploration and health?