I apply my creativity to the approach and tools of design to create new meaning, ensure care in product experiences and challenge the status quo through novel systems.

As a teenager, I researched, designed and maintained a large saltwater aquatic ecosystem that sustained a spectacular array of the most beautiful organisms in the world. I relished the moments when I could stare at the assemblage of movement, exotic colors and alien landscape. Over those six years, I obsessed about every detail that sustained curiosity and wonder in my guests, while appeasing my mother’s interior design demands.

Today, I continue to live out my childhood by working as a designer who blends art and technology to ensure delight, ease-of-use and a refreshing take. My research prowess is poured into comprehending a complex challenge, tinkering with emerging technology, and mastering my craft. Undertaking an interaction design fulfills my craving to bring harmony among systems and people, while honoring my desire for beauty.

During my 8-year professional experience in Tech, I honed my skills in product thinking and ability to influence people. In turn, I was responsible for software system design, product market fit for an emerging technology, user research and journeys, compelling product stories, and product implementation.