I love creating immersive beauty through the medium of interactive technology.

During my adolescence, I designed, built and maintained a large saltwater aquatic ecosystem that sustained a spectacular array of the most beautiful organisms in the world. Over those 6 years, I gained a deep sense of ways that encourage curiosity and wonder in my audience members, and a keenness in shaping a beautifully immersive experience through technology.


I'm a systems-thinker, a synthesizer and technology tinkerer that's constantly challenging myself through making.

The values of commitment, passion and curiosity allow me to approach design and technology for a unique perspective and realize novel concepts. Professionally, I've always been drawn to roles in which I consider the user, their context and the role technology plays into how all three interact.


Other than being a gummy bear connoisseur, a spontaneous dancer, and a hydrology nerd...

I am a creative who uses the approach and tools of design to create new meaning in the world. I possess an insatiable desire to learn and make with new technologies, techniques, and tools that is both immersive and interactive. I draw inspiration from the natural world and mythologies. I often find myself envisioning how technology affects community.

My superpower is that I combine my design thinking with business thinking. Prior to my formal design education, I enjoyed a 8-year professional career in several customer-facing roles, including sales engineering, with an undergraduate degree in Environment, Economics and Politics and as a member of multi-generational entrepreneurial family.

It goes without saying that I look forward to discussing how I can assist you in considering new possibilities for the future.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”