The Gateway Atlas

An interactive world map on an 86" touchscreen that celebrates the diversity of cultures amongst Carnival Cruise Line guests, its crew members and its global cruise destinations.


Unity Designer and Developer


Mitch Mastroni, Mike Segawa, Nicole Graber, and Ken Yajima


Carnival Cruise Line


Unity, C# and Photoshop


Design Agency Internship


For its newly-built ship, the Celebration, Carnival wanted to significantly expand on the onboard map functionality available to its guests via the Carnival Hub App and inside guest’s cabins.

The interactive map needed to be an extension of Celebration’s Gateway, a fun-filled zone inspired by the excitement and social nature of travel.

Location of Interactive map within The Gateway.
3D rendering of The Gateway aboard the Celebration.
How to create a sense of arrival and call-to-adventure that elicits a sense of exploration and interaction with other guests?
Screenshot of an interactive map available on Carnival’s sister company, Costa Cruises.

Project Goals

With buy-in from Carnival Cruise Line stakeholders, the team was guided by the following goals:

Interactive Content

Worldwide connections from origins and future journeys to drive customer loyalty and bookings.


Participatory Engagement

Brief interactions and shorter dwell times to prevent bottleneck during heavy traffic periods .


Visual Research

Based on the renderings and information provided by Carnival Cruise Line about the surrounding Gateway area, the Beaudry Interactive team created a moodboard to guide the art direction.

Design Development

After buy-in from the Carnival stakeholders on the art direction, the team further researched the Costa Cruises interactive map and uncovered additional project requirements.

In turn, the team proposed the following four features:

  1. The Fleet - a live ship tracker
  2. Destinations - animations of Carnival points of interest with accompanying collection of ports
  3. Guest Journey Pins - guest-placed pins, highlighting places where guests have traveled
  4. Team Member Origins - fun facts about the nationality of Carnival’s crew

The Fleet

Live ship icons are always visible and updated in real time. If no guests interact for 30 seconds, one random ship icon will “activate” its surroundings: splashing water and prompting a greeting from a nearby coast. 

If the selected ship is located within the densely populated Caribbean zone, the compass zone turns into a magnified area.


Upon guest interaction with a selected Postcard icon, it expands with arrow prompts and the corresponding destination highlights.

Once the postcard has been dragged upwards, it dissolves into particles as it moves toward destination, the destination ports animate in, and particles collect around each port according to an animated sequence.

Guest Journey Pins

Once a guest interacts with the Passport icon, the Passport flips open to new page and small pins populate map, representing other guests’ travels, then guests is prompted to select a large pin on the page.

Guests drag and drop pins from the passport onto the map. When a pin is dropped, a “hello” is prompted from the surrounding area.

Team Member Origins

Once a guest interacts with the Team Member Origins icon, the badge expands, a message appears next to badge, and the map populates with markers of crew member information. 

If a guest touches any of the markers, additional information will be displayed about how many crew members originate from that nation and a fun fact.

Global Map Interactions


The development team regularly interfaced with the visual design team for animation, UI and experiential suggestions and refinement.

Disclaimer: I have intentionally limited confidential information.  


In the weeks preceding the Integration phase, the team performed numerous playtests to identify bugs and design flaws. Each was logged and accompanied with detailed steps to recreate the issues.

In addition, the team ensured that the experience could be accessible to individuals in wheelchairs.


After Celebration’s maiden voyage, Carnival Cruise Lines awarded Beaudry Interactive with a contract to recreate a similar interactive map experience on three other Carnival cruise ships.

In addition, my attention to detail with regards to the Destination animations, provided guests with compelling, concise information about additional Carnival cruise offerings without leading to guest bottlenecks.


The Gateway Atlas project with Carnival Cruise Line exposed me to the iterative and team-based process of working on a technical project for a well-known client.

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