Gateway Atlas

Developing a fun and interactive global map for Carnival Cruise Line's new ship, the Celebration.


Mitch Mastroni, Mike Segawa, Nicole Graber, and Ken Yajima


Unity Design and Development Intern


Unity3D, C# and Photoshop


We were tasked with developing a narrative that creates a sense of arrival and call to adventure, an experience that elicits a sense of exploration and interaction with other guests through shared discovery, and content that makes connections from origins and future journeys. In addition, the interactive map needed to be an extension of Celebration’s Gateway, a fun-filled zone inspired by the excitement and social nature of travel.


For the newly-built Celebration ship, Carnival wanted to significantly expand on the onboard map functionality available to its guests via the Carnival Hub App and inside guest’s cabins.

After Celebration’s maiden voyage, Carnival awarded Beaudry Interactive (b/i) with several projects for the deployment of similar interactive maps on other Carnival Cruise Line ships.


In the Design Development phase, the team drafted a visual language based on the Celebration’s Gateway Art Deco theme and outlined guest interactions. During the Production phase, the development team regularly interfaced with the visual design team for animation, UI and experiential suggestions and refinement. In the weeks preceding the Integration phase, the teams performed playtests to identify bugs and design flaws.

Playtesting with the Gateway Atlas
Adding surprise to guest interaction
Two of 12 delightful animations highlighting Carnival’s global destinations


An interactive world map that celebrates the diversity of cultures across guests and team members.

The 86” touch-screen experience includes the following features:

  • A global live ship trackerGuest-placed pins
  • Guest-placed pins
  • The Celebration’s current voyage itinerary
  • Animations for all of Carnival’s global destinations
  • Promotion of the each night’s theme/destination
  • Fun facts about the national dishes of Carnival’s team members